Radical Psi

class 9 sustenant
an abstract habit
tenuous venue

gentilities atomies
of the abundant

rathe etcetera
inconsequential estate
cap in hand alate

An On-self

for a predisposition’s

@ which an anode
positive affect
perfects occurrence

eons a notion
nor withal a single use
deferent the glow

Actual Non-sense

“a simulation
(l x w x d) + 1’s
inertia unbox’d

gratuitous locks
now to quote the manual
mkfile in itself

efflorescence as
‘nitid’ a tutorial
telesthetic scope”

Icondulic Fringe

lost a minute to
the patient sands a fragment
to a glass blower’s

patent horizons
prominent transcalency
provenance mirage

a veil’d entourage
a tacit fascination
fragrant caravans


a key to sum things
an acronymic title
whilst within whilom’s

idiom ocean
a soluble solution
low reef a brief flag

half-mast a corsair
over a sand dune forsook
mangoes in mangroves

The Risk

as falls a ferrule
an umbrageous umbrella
a feral fellow’s

rococo breloque
what time a flick of a wrist
fisticuffs bruit

a parallax mist
as top a midnight tipp’d hat
an S-cap’d artist