From an other-wise-sane perspective

where are the oceans?
pearls of my dreams
can you see every forest
for the trees?

how did i get here
when did you arrive?
it all began when hoping
was the price to be alive

and i know
(and i know)
that right can separate from wrong
but our worlds will never laugh to every song

and i see
(yes i see)
that there is danger up ahead
but i can’t forget the last thing that you said

it all comes around
all will divide
silence breaks the mirrors
for each scream within your eyes

and i know we are winning
but the game was never played
and inside i am dying every day

without you
the world seems so harsh
and every tear i never bled
lights up the dark

you held me forever
our ghosts are intertwined
for the sake of every mountain moved in time


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