Stu’s VW

jump out an airplane

kilometers off target

limit at times what


marginal error

no-one who’s there or over

or inside the wall


points the other way

rather than take a u-turn

quietly queue up

6 thoughts on “Stu’s VW

    1. I know…you lurk in the shadows. Maybe that’s why you are sad? No-one said they’ll push you around…(& I will catch you)


  1. this speaks to me re responsibility — if you’re off-target not a whole lot of others can be blamed. maybe jumping is for the brave …..


    1. Blame always starts higher up…and it’s not multiple choice, PSA says, Jump, I jump…
      good motor skills, no? But, you know, if I wait…maybe PSA says, Jump in five minutes,
      but then, why all the training? So, you take a number…complaint department doesn’t have your letter.


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