I Sold A Tourist One Broom

while I was there too

apart from that I was of

an old ox walk’d by


I took ten photos

because the light never chang’d

green a good color


as for celadon

yesterday in Chinatown

I fed him a bowl

7 thoughts on “I Sold A Tourist One Broom

        1. Yes, really. Although, the researchers are yet unsure if ‘armadillo lepers’ may transmit their strain to humans…so be careful at petting zoos and road trips.


    1. This appears to happened frequently to many of us, although I don’t know why. (However, I did not post
      at all between the 12th and 15th June.) Generally, I report these anomalies to WordPress help, to no avail. Also, I have read that, if you un-follow and then re-follow, a connection may be re-established
      I have tried this method, also to no avail. It is best, in any event, to inform WordPress. Jay


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