In Red 4 x 6

a camel is a

mammal on no road to Well’s

Camel Lot Resale


Bargains a palm fan

a dateless extravagance

a shepherdess hooks


lithe shades radiate

a tambour wrist a dancer’s

dust twist a carpet

6 thoughts on “In Red 4 x 6

  1. It all works together but I love saying the last stanza out loud. It took a couple tries though. I love ‘tambour.’>KB One more hour and I hope you like it, if not please tell me.


      1. I had to think about that some? I’m doing revisions this morning for an editorial pjhone meeting later. Which I should let you know, my friend of 45 years and also a poet, who is my ‘editor’ but not the last word, blue penciled half of Summer Dreams, but I didnt change any of it. Sometimes your ‘editor’ is just not a writer–which is good.>KB


        1. No, really cut-rate offer…who could resist; and they let me keep the dust;
          said, on a clear day, good parking any chimney.


    1. Newton’s Optics is also a work of philosophy, the science within its sphere, your confluence as surely proof an opulence, to hold a breath until


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