one time a bonsai

regift’d longevity

to a clipper shipp’d


West of the East Bridge

no chance the willow shall root

hereon your saffron


peacocks fore three mums

trail on a whirl’d lilium

stonecrop dragons &

6 thoughts on “Hairpin

  1. That’s pretty audacious to finish on an ampersand! I think you get away with it, again. I like, particularly, the ‘clipper shipped’ and the break before ‘west’.


    1. Shiver me timbres…there’s a shorter that, Captain,
      but you know, the older I am requires more rest,
      especially in a chill…& always derring-do


        1. Dear Glyn, I’m inclin’d to agree, when I’m runnin’ a ground,
          sometime the sand is steep…but do ya know where’s the isle?


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