A Shorn Corsair

no-one hears a sigh
bereft a wistful day
the solemn o’erwhelm

silence precedent
its hesitant impression
strand elusive sand

a surfeit ocean
the castaway muse a jib
pharos undertow

Backup Trombones

Otto the spotter
an antibacterial
carpet refresher

Dubb at Tugawar
a strict turban a stretch more
a banyan hammock

Bibi a swing set
beggar the boneyard marrow
let go at Bon Coeur

Emergency #

a car lit garage
3a = 0 volts
+1 repairman

a clock to reset
what time a fool sprang a spring
sprung blood a finger

fast forward rewind
the dog at the last bandage
a dark red carpet

Unread Trailhead

picnic apparel
pass a skewer a chopstick
through tailor’d gaiters

an hawk as detail’d
parallel pinstripe parkas
a sparerib roadster

in sport the raw wind
an hiker a chinstrap slack
liefer a chaste page

L’Font Adieu

Brother Book a page
quarterbound a stationer
unto a fine aul

o’er to illustrate
a sewn techique’s sobriquet
for Thumb the Thimble

errant example
the upward mobility
erstwhile a blue ink