As Pare A Graft

to prune a shoetree
a measur’d last at fray’d cuff
by rule a break cuts

if winch’d per screw-wince
native alienations’

effuse as suffice
non-pursuant the frostbit
telltale tall talers

and when she passes

bodies of water
over endanger’d species
at skeletal dams

tall tan and lovely
one girl from epanemo
the ah’d alien

as heave an olla
loll-a-gag a stagnant pool

Cliquant Turrets

a quantum portal
qv ibid the muses’
diverse dimensions

o’er a common lea
to an hollow interval
both sides any wall’s

endurant limit
allodial fell domain
mutable tideland

Rising Waters

an oval wingnut
a semblance mercurial
screw’d down a bit tight

up-end counter-wise
by leverage on the left
the thrust a good wrench

& wear a face mask
said the goose to the gaggle
& whistle at work